The Ultimate Guide to Finding Royalty-Free Images for Your Blog

Blogging is one of the most popular ways in which people are making money through the Internet these days. But it is definitely not that easy for the Bloggers to get their blogs noticed by the public. The blogs may take a lot of time to be written perfectly but if it doesn’t contain any images, it might not get the desired attention which the Blogger expects it to have. According to the reports, in every 100 blogs, there are just 47 blogs which contain images. These 47 blogs are also likely to be viewed and engaged by the viewers all over the internet as compared to those which do not have images.

Benefits of using Images in Blogs

There are various benefits of using Images in the blogs. These benefits are as follows-

  • When the blogs have images embedded or attached to them, it attracts more viewers and the existing viewers are likely to spend more time reading the blog.
  • Images are the best way in which the individuals will be able to express their emotions. Therefore, when these are used in blogs, the users will be able to know about the emotions of the author.
  • If people aren’t much into reading the blog, the images will help them to quickly illustrate what is being said or portrayed in the blog.

What are Royalty-Free Images?

Many people have already heard about the website named Shutterstock, which offers images that people can use. If we check these images on the Shutterstock website, they contain the watermark and we need to pay money in order to download the image without watermarks. These images are called Royalty-Free Images but the term free misleads people as they think the images will be free of cost.

People can purchase the Royalty-Free Images for their blogs from various websites but this is also the most common disadvantage of using the Royalty-Free Images. These images being low-priced, are used by a good amount of websites for their blogs.

Places to find Royalty-Free Images

Let’s have a look at the websites where the individuals will be able to find Royalty-Free Images for their blogs. Many influencers have also said that the Royalty-Free Images are being overused by people these days. The less the price of the image, the more the viewers will find it being used over the internet. There are many websites where the users can get Royalty-Free Images for themselves and these websites are as follows-

●     BigStock

BigStock contains over 17 million Royalty-Free Images from which the individuals will be able to choose from. It is very easy for the users to browse through the website and select the images according to your need, or just browse them through the categories section available on the website. The best part about this website is that the individuals will be able to search for the images through the keywords which appear in the search suggestions.

●     iStock Photos

The next most popular website where the users will be able to find a vast variety of Royalty-Free Images for their use is iStock Photos. This website is a part of Getty Images which is one of the most commonly seen watermarks. This website is a lot different from others because it has a good amount of filters which can be used to select the perfect image according to the needs of the users. It also offers videos and audios, making it even better for people to operate their blogs and make them even more attractive than ever before.

●     Corbis

Corbis is one such website where the individuals will be able to select the images depending upon the need and their editorial type. The best part behind which this website is able to attract a bigger user database is because of the filter feature which is widely used to select the perfect images. All the details regarding the image, like its size, attributes, and much more can be entered by the users depending upon their needs for the website. Along with that, the users will also be able to have a bigger preview of images by right-clicking on the same.

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