The Art of Protection: Why Copyright is Vital for Emerging Artists and Writers

Many new writers and artists are emerging in the field every single day. But they definitely take a lot of time to get noticed, so some people even prefer stealing their content to make themselves go viral. Therefore, this prevents emerging artists and writers from going viral and making money through their unique content on the internet. Because of this reason, emerging artists and writers need to know about Copyright and why it will be vital for their future.

People can very easily steal the new content which they find attractive. And it is a fact that most creative and attractive content comes from emerging creators. The users do not take permission from these creators, and unfortunately, the creators are also unaware of the Copyright laws, which allow their works to be stolen very easily. Here we’ll be looking at why the Copyright laws are important for the emerging artists and writers.

Importance of Copyright

Let’s have a look at the Copyright benefits which new and emerging writers and artists will be able to have for their blogs and growth. These points are as follows-

●     Protects Original Work

One of the best ways in which the Copyright term benefits the creators is that it protects their original work from being stolen or copied by others without any authorisation. When the users will have their work protected by means of Copyright, it will also allow them to create their content without any issues. They know that their original work is protected by law, and if it gets stolen or used by someone else without authorisation, they can even take legal action.

●     Monetisation

Monetisation means that the creators will be able to make money through their own original content. This means that the users can even distribute their copyright rights and make money through the same. Therefore, they can even have money through the advertisements on their content and also through the license they have distributed to others so that they can also use their content.

●     Establishing Careers

When people see that their original work is not being stolen and people are genuinely showing interest towards watching their content, they are more obliged to create more content and also establish their careers in the field. As Copyright allows their work to be registered, it allows the creators to be known for the same, and they would also be able to create more of the original content. This, in turn, provides them with a reputation as they are now known for the original content they created.

●     Encourage Innovation and Creativity

The new creators in the digital field want their content to be noticed, and when they watch their content being stolen by others, it may even discourage them a lot. Therefore, Copyright allows them to protect their original content and also encourages them to show innovation and creativity so that they can show more creative content to the viewers.

●     Prevents Duplicate Content

The last benefit of Copyright is not just for the new creators but also for the viewers. With the help of Copyright, the original content only prevails over the internet, and there is almost no duplicate content. Therefore, this allows people to spend more time checking for content over the internet. When people see the same content many times, their overall time spent on the internet is likely to be reduced. But this also prevents people from showing their creativity and innovation as they are unable to use the Copyrighted content to make their own content with some creativity on the same.


So, it can be concluded that Copyright is vital for all emerging content creators as it will help the artist and writers to protect their work from being stolen. Moreover, if it gets stolen by the top creators, the emerging creators might even receive some hatred comments saying they’ve stolen the top creator idea.

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